Character RegistrationEdit

New students please register your characters here. We ask you to please follow all the directions listed there, we will not hesitate to delete your submission if you do not. When you receive the welcome message, you will be able to begin to register for classes if you have been placed in one of the four societies. You will also be able to start on your character page as well.

Character Registration

Character CreationEdit

After your character has been accepted, you can move on to creating your character page. Below are 4 templates you can can use to create your character page. You can either chose to use those which categorizes your page for you or manually categorize it. You can find the requirements for your character page here.

After creating your character page, you should create your role-play bubble. This is how you will be able to role-play on the site. Below is an example of a role-play bubble.

Welcome to Salem Institute of Magic, one of the most premiere schools of magic in America!

Ella Blackwell

"We all must choose between what is right and what is easy"

Knight Junior, Quodpot Captain, Prefect
Ella Blackwell (talk) 23:49, December 21, 2014 (UTC)

To make a role-play bubble, you need to first create a template page by creating a page then typing Template: then the name of the page. We suggest using your character name. After creating the page you can copy the code below and replace the words in caps.

{{Roleplay Bubble III
|roleplay text = {{{talk}}}
|photo name = PHOTO
|personal quote = QUOTE
|titles = TITLES 
|signiture = ~~~
|time = {{{time}}}

After doing that publish it, then go back in and edit your signature so that your character name appears and not your wikia user name. Change the name after the line after the user part, like in the example below.

[[User:Ana Lee|CHANGE THIS PART TO YOUR CHARACTER NAME]] ([[User talk:Ana Lee|talk]])

To use your bubble on the wiki just copy the example below except replace the words in caps with the name of your template page and what you want to say. When roleplaying, remember to keep the 5 tildes in the time option. It timestamps your post.


If you're not as tech savvy as others on the site or you're too lazy to do the above steps, you can use one of the eight preset bubbles down below.

Society Bubbles

Year Level Bubbles

You can either show pride in your year or your society.

Course Sign-UpsEdit

Once you have been approved you can begin to sign up for courses. The maximum number of courses you can take at any given time is 5 courses. That means you could take 5 full year courses or 10 semester courses or a mix of both. You just can't be enrolled in more than 5 courses a semester. Course Sign-Ups