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Salem Institute


Salem Institute of Magic or colloquially called, "The Institute" can be found within the skirts of Mandeville, Louisiana. Although naked in the eye of the Wizarding World, it is by far invisible to Muggles. Being one of the top schools in the field of advancement of science and healing, parents can be assured of their children's safety. Because aside from special charms and spells placed around it. A unique defense system called "The Fortress" made by their renowned students is installed around it. Its use is still unknown, as no recent events for the past centuries caused its necessity of use.

About the InstitutionEdit

The Institute is one of the premiere Wizarding schools in America, and its quality can be extended to the whole Wizarding World. Along with Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, and Durmstrang of Europe, Vermhinas of South America, and Mahoutokoro in Asia, it is one of the only places in the world in which young students can receive a real education in sorcery. But what sets Salem Institute apart from other Wizarding schools is their proven formulated curriculum for effective and successful post-graduate placement of their students. Unlike the school year and house system of other wizarding schools, Salem accepts students at the age of 14 or in rare cases 13. And instead of houses, they adapt the society system.


Salem Institute admits both local and foreign exchange students, however they keep a small population of students for effective curriculum execution. This are done by their difficult entrance examinations.

Their curriculum is known for their Society System. Freshmen are sorted to Pawn Society, in which they would struggle three semesters of comprehensive and basic knowledge of Wizardry and Witchcraft. When they become sophomores, sorting statues would evaluate them and sort them into three societies. These are the Rook Society (for Wizarding Commerce and Witch Business aspirants), Bishop Society (for Healer and Alchemist aspirants), and Knight Society (for Wizengamot, and Auror aspirants). Because of this rigorous program, it is hard to get in and graduate at Salem Institute.

Salem Institute school fees is a little bit steep, so the Institute provide scholarships for deserving students.